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UAB "Beef Guru" - it is a workshop specializing in the field of beef, which has installed a chamber capable of maturing about 20 t of beef per month, and for more convenient realization of raw materials, the workshop has a shock freezing chamber, which can extend the validity of the production without reducing its quality up to a year. All raw material in the workshop moves more than 64 m along a convenient air path.

Thanks to this project, the company plans to create new, exclusive products not only for the district, but also for the country. In the installed aging chamber, the company can mature meat not only by dry aging, but also uses Himalayan salt aging technology. Himalayan salt aging technology saturates the meat with various minerals and also acts as an antioxidant, which makes the meat even more nutritionally valuable. The company will also provide various services to local and national farmers, who will be able not only to ripen, cut, and make semi-finished products, but also to carry out all these processes in an ecological way.

Kęstutis Viliūšis, head of UAB "Jautienos Guru", notes that in the country's meat processing market, very little progress has been made in the field of digitization of workshops, which significantly reduces the competitiveness and efficiency of especially smaller meat workshops. Therefore, in the near future, the company will fully digitize the workshop's activities: "It will be possible to monitor the movement of each kilogram of meat in the workshop, what stage of production the raw material is in, how long it has to ripen, 30 days ahead, on which day which process will be performed, etc."

The complex geopolitical situation and the still raging global pandemic made the creation of the workshop very difficult, but with the help of the professional administration of Šakiai region's local activity group, the project "Meat aging workshop by implementing innovative technologies and creating jobs" succeeded (ŠAKI-LEADER-6A-D-9-2 -2021) to maintain the tone of actions and continue execution.
The project is implemented according to the measure LEADER-19.2-SAVA-10 "Encouragement of entrepreneurship in rural areas" of the VPS I priority "Development of the local economy and environmental protection". The amount of support is EUR 44,632.00. Thanks to this project, 1.5 new jobs will be created for meat shop workers. However, according to the director of UAB "Jautienos guru" Kęstutis Viliūšis, after reaching the optimal capacity of the created workshop, the need for workers will be 5-6 times higher.

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